About The Use of Audio Files On our Website and Catalog

Please notice that we use an extremely small limited amount of audio on Ruarto.com. We are wanting to give a little of the flavor, yet not violate the rights of any artists or musicians, so short it will stay!

Ruarto.com respects your intellegence, and at the same time the rights of artists, musicians, and of course the rights of a free and open exchange of information on the Internet.

We offer this clips under the "fair use" clauses of the U.S. Copyright Act. The few 3-10 second clips that we offer more than fall into that vision of fair use. That is why these are kept purposely short, to protect both the writers and artists from unfair pirating of their work, and to protect us (and you) from fees from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc. (ASCAP and BMI currently feel that $30,000 is a representative "minimum!"). We are not in the business of offering pirated anything, and suggest you search for cd and music suppliers if you wish additonal sound clips or recordings. .Otherwise feel free to use these short samples to give you a sense of how these drums and shakers are intended to sound.

If you know of any public domain sound clips or have interesting sound bytes of your own, please feel free to contact us about linking to them, something we have in mind for the future.


Robin Galyan, Topcat
Ruarto's Rhythms
Sept. 12, 2000

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