Large Lot of Computer and Networking  Cables

Massive Collection, nearly all new, unused, unopened ready to sell.    
Save $$    83 Cables

Printer Cables
10 ea AT to HP Laser/Plotter 10',
       CMS Brand, boxed, new
 1-Apple IEEE1284 Compliant, new
1-Telco M/F Adapter
1-AT to PS/2 Keyboard Adapter
6-DB25 M/F Slimline Adapters
Serial Cables
 3-6' DB25 M/F
 1-15 DB25 M/M
 1-3' DB9 M/F
 1-6' DB9 M/F
 1- 6' DB9F to RJ11
 1 6' DB9 M/M
Telco and ISDN etc
5- 6' std Telephone cable
 1-15' std Telephone cable
 1-25' std Telephone cable
 1- 3' RJ11 to Lugs

Cat 5 Ethernet Cables (26 tot)
 2-5' Blu     2-6' Gray      1-6'Yellow
 2-7' Blu     5-3' Gray      1-5'Red 
 4-1' Blu     1-2' Gray      1-3'Green
 1-15' Blu   1-10' Gray    1-5t' White
 1-3' Black  1-15' Gray    2-6' White

SCSI Cables
 1- 60" 50pin 6 device, ribbon
    cable, boxed.
 1- 24" 50pin 3device, ribbon,new
 1-15" 68Pin 3device, ribbon, new

Misc. Cables
 1-6' VGA Extension M/M
 2-PC Mic w/jack
 2-PC Headset w/jack
 3-CD Audio Passthru cable
 8-std PC/appliance power cable 6'
 2-pair (4 total) ST-ST fiber Patch cables,
    3', new, Siecor
 1-RCA 10' M/M



UNSOLD STORE STOCK.   Most all are bagged, or boxed, or wrapped.     Box is heavy.    Stock your store at a great price!  One bidder will win it all.  

Will ship anywhere in the US for $16.85 UPS Groundtrak, and advise you of the tracking number as it ships.  Add $6 to Canada, Alaska or Puerto Rico.   Why buy used?   Payment by credit card thru  Paypal. (preferred) or similar online service, or Money Order, .  Please plan to complete this purchase within 3 days of winning.    Thanks for the looks and bids!