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Beautiful Large Djembe Drum, 2nd stock.
Large, 14" x  25"

We have a few Djembe's  that are seconds.   These have minor reworks or dings or flaws in the base, but otherwise are large and play beautifully.    The areas don't show when on stage or more than a view from up close, but they are there.    Mostly these are in the base from knots where a branch grew out of that area of the large tree trunk.   They are still incredible drums!  We just cant sell them for top dollar.  Our loss is your gain.    

If you dont mind some small reworks or strange marks in the  base (stand) then jump on this deal and save some money!!    You will buy a incredible drum for under $200 that will look and feel and sound like it cost up to twice that!

This one has a rich deep tone and sounds great.  It has a tree branch mark.  This drum is new, never sold, and is a great drum.  
We really hate to have to call it a second, but due to the cosmetics it is !   Some folks would not mind at all and would just sell it as a top of the line drum.  

                  We do not do that, so our loss is your gain.


You can see the defect clearly in this picture. Not a serious defect,
one where a branch was growing off the main tree trunk.  It does not cause any buzz or problem with the sound, in fact the sound is
as good or better than many drums you will find!    You cannot see the defect from afar, so dont be afraid of taking this drum onstage!

It is not a 2nd sound wise.  
An ideal students drum or drum circle drum.   Note the perfectly spaced verticals, and the extra cordage.   
Saves you a LOT of $ on an otherwise high dollar Djembe!

This would be a $250-300 drum at a fine store near you if it were not for this blemish!

The drum is carved from one piece of hard wood, rubbed and stained into a very beautiful piece, then carved with traditional decorations and re-stained.    The head is Goat Skin and has interesting natural patterns for you to enjoy.      The rings are all wrapped and tied beautifully.   

Shipping is by UPSGroundtrak Insured  for $23.50 anywhere in the continental US.    We will notify you of tracking number  so you can follow it online at the UPS website.     We will accept a Money Order if you must, however prefer you to use your checking account or your credit or debit card through Paypal, it gets to us fastest, and the drum gets to you faster as well.   It is the safest way to pay!  Yes,
we will accept similar electronic payments from other companies,
but our preference is always PAYPAL.   Just click on the "Checkout" button and the eBay/Paypal systems will guide you through the rest of the process.

       If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.       
                                                                                   Enjoy !....

Thanks for the bids and GOOD LUCK !!