Beautiful Large Djembe
Large, 14"x25+"

Large Djembe.   
Mainstay of traditional drumcircles. 

This particular drum is large and robust and tuned to perfection.  Carved from one piece of nice and hard Lenke wood.  .
         Retail could be $325 or more due to size and condition..    

It is beautiful and has a solid rich tone, measures  24 3/4 inches tall and has a 13.6 inch head (12"+ playable surface).   
A beautiful drum in both looks and sound. 
Reserve is $139.  Street Price $175-225 in circles, $300+ in stores.   

Shipping is by UPSGroundtrak Insured  for $23.50 anywhere in the US, we will notify you of tracking number  so you can follow it online at the UPS website.    Money order or credit card via online (paypal or  payment only thank you.    If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.    

Questions?   Just ask me!   mail to me at and I will reply asap to the best of my ability.      
                                                                                       Enjoy ....

Your purchase supports and promotes the natural African way of life,
and helps bring their tonality to our country.

If you ever get a chance to go see these wonderful lands and hear the wonderful rhythmic music,  you will know a feeling shared throughout the world, one of beauty and harmony of spiritual people.