Beautiful  Djembe
African Healing Drum

Small, 10"x17"

We have been selling off a great shipment of Djembe (healing drums)  from Gambia by the ocean (The Senegal), and they are incredible!   These are Hand made, all natural Djembe Healing drums".     These  particular  drums  have incredibly handmade appeal and sound fantastic.  This smaller drum travels well, is lighter so easier to take to circles or on the road.  It has a solid rich tone, measures 17 inchess tall and has a 10 inch diameter head.

Each drum is carved from one individual piece of wood (Teak or Mahogany or Neaklaco ?)   and is rubbed and stained into a very beautiful piece.   The head is Goat Skin and has interesting natural patterns for you to enjoy.   The rings are all wrapped and tied beautifully.  An incredible and classic drum, both in looks and sound!  This is the main drum for most solid drum circles and should serve you well!     Retail 149-179

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Your purchase supports and promotes the Gambian and Senegal way of life, and helps bring
the tonality of it to our country.

If you ever get a chance to go see this beautiful country and hear the wonderful rhythmic music,  you will know a feeling shared throughout the world, one of beauty and harmony of spiritual people.

Shipping is by UPSGroundtrak Insured  for $12.50 anywhere in the US, we will notify you of tracking number  so you can follow it online at the UPS website.  Add $6US for shipment to Canada.  Europe shipments priced on request.  Money order or credit card or Xcom bank payment only thank you.    If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.       
                                                                                   Enjoy !....

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