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Beautiful Jumbo 13"x24"Talking  Drum
From Ghana

We are unpacking our new offerings, a great shipment of drums from West Africa, and they are incredible!     This is one of the most unique select drums we have ever set aside for Auction.      This particular choice drum  is  a rare Jumbo Talking Drum, Talker or Tama or Tana.   It is a drum held under the arm or between the legs where pressure on the strings changes the tension on the two heads causing a great variety in the tone.    It can be made to sound like many different drums, or voices.   It is a asset to any musical group.  This particular one is the largest one we have ever gotten,   has its heads  made of some goat skin.  It   measures 13+ " wide (diameter of both drum heads) and  24+" Tall.  As such it is larger than many Djembe's!              

The drum is carved from one piece of wood (Teak or Djimba Mahogany ?)   and is rubbed and stained then fitted with the two goat skin heads, fastened with covered rings, and tied via a wound cord assembly that wraps all around the drum.   Its cordage includes a shoulder strap.  This is a very unique drum and produces many wonderful different sounds on demand.  A truely interesting and rare drum worthy of your collection !        
Retail is not known as it is such a rare item.   We would guess about $450-500   Reserve on this auction set at $225  


                     24" Tall  13" dia Heads.

Shipping is by FedEx Ground Insured (phone number required)  for $24.50 anywhere in the Continental US, we will notify you of tracking number  so you can follow it online at the FedEx website..  Add $5 for shipment to Alaska or Hawaii.  $7 for Canada. $10 for most of  Europe.    Money order, credit card, or Billpoint   payment only thank you.    All sales final.   If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.     
                                                                                   Enjoy !....