Beautiful Large Djembe
African Healing Drum

Large, 14.5"x24.5"

We have been selling off a great shipment of African djembe's (healing drums)  and they are incredible!           This particular drum  is incredible and sounds fantastic.  It is tuned to perfection.  


It has a solid rich tone, measures 26  inches tall (25.6") and has a 15 inch head ( outside ring diameter)   This is large for a all natural Djembe.  It is rather heavy too... 

The drum is carved from one piece of wood    and is rubbed and stained into a very beautiful piece.   The head is good thick hand shaved Goat Skin and has interesting natural patterns for you to enjoy.   The rings are all wrapped and tied beautifully.  An incredible drum in both looks and sound!     

Shipping is by FedEx Insured  for $24.50 anywhere in the US, we will notify you of tracking number  so you can follow it online at the FedEx  website.  Add $10 for shipment to Canada.  Money order or credit card by Paypal, Billpoint, c2it only thank you.    If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.       Please provide your phone number with your shipping address as FedEx now requires it.  
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