Ruarto's Pick of the week - 

Beautiful 23" African Sabarr Drum
Large, 10"x23"

You probably know we sold off a incredible collection of great   Djembe's (healing drums), Talking and other drums from Gambia by the ocean (The Senegal).   They are all gone, or almost.   While cleaning up getting ready for our new shipment due to arrive soon we found a few select drums set aside for a performance held last April.  We had forgotten about them.    So, we may not find more of these unique drums and might be crazy for letting this one go, but have had so many requests for it that we felt honor bound to put it up on eBay.   The last of our Sabarr's.   

This particular offering is of a fairly large sized Sabarr.      This is a choice, all natural drum, solid, well built,  uniquely beautiful with a fantasic sound.  It has a solid rich tone, measures 23"   tall and has a 10+"  head.   It is unique as a collectors item, a showpiece, and as a instrument.  Best of all, it can be yours!   Retail has been seen as high as $475
for similar drums when they were available, with street price running around $250.  Reserve on this drum is $140, a great find at a great price!!

The drum is carved from one single piece of rubbed and stained wood with the single head attached with a complex yet beautiful array of cordage.  The cordage is attached to pegs that have been inserted into the drum body so that they protrude like spokes out from a hub.    It is a unusual and enchanting looking drum.   The head is Goat Skin and has interesting natural patterns for you to enjoy.   The complex wraps and ties are  intricately interwoven and bound with multiple patterned knots.    An incredible drum, both looks and sound!   A beater-stick is included as many people like to drum these with one hand and one stick.  

Shipping is by UPS for $18.50 anywhere in the US,including insurance.   Money order or credit card via onlin  payment service only thank you.  (Paypal preferred, or you may use Billpoint or the new   If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.     
                                                                                                       Enjoy !....

Your purchase supports and promotes the Gambian and Senegal way of life, and helps bring
the tonality of it to our country.

If you ever get a chance to go see this beautiful country and hear the wonderful rhythmic music,  you will know a feeling shared throughout the world, one of beauty and harmony of spiritual people.


We prefer the fast, easy payment by, certified check or money order.   Please honor your agreement and make arrangements with us within the 3days recommended by eBay.

Thanks for the bids, and good luck.