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African Goat Skins for drum Heads

Ruarto is always trying to stay on top of the task of finding and importing skins for drummers to use when reheading a old favorite drum, or for builders to use when making their own special flavor of drum.    We have basically 4 types of head skin products, and availability comes and goes depending on world conditions. (28226 bytes)
The full sized Djembe and Full sized Ashiko are shown just to give you an idea of the size of these full skins.
The rounds are also available, but notice the different size... it is ready for most large Djembes.  The Large Djembe is24" tall with a 14.5" diameter head for comparison in this photo.

  African Full Skin, Goat.     These are getting rare with so much concern world wide about animal shipments accross borders.  We have some in stock again but are not at all sure we can get more.    These are VERY LARGE Gambian goat skins.  Each is a different pattern, full skins with leggings still attached.   They have been cleaned and dried and are large enough for 2, 3 and sometimes 4 drum heads depending on the size of the drum.    
We often get skins much smaller.   These are great!       

Shipping is by FedX Ground Insured  for $6.70 anywhere in the continental US, we will notify you of tracking number  so you can follow it online at the FedX Website   Add $ 1.70 freight for each additional skin same shipment.  Money order, credit card, billpoint or  bank payment only thank you.    Paypal instant pay is for US customers only at this time.  All sales final.    

                                                            Enjoy !....

Your purchase supports and promotes the Gambian,  Senegalese or Ghanian way of life, and helps bring their musical tonality to our country.   If you ever get a chance to go see this beautiful country and hear the wonderful sacred rhythmic music,  you will know a feeling shared throughout the world by many, one of beauty and harmony of a spiritual people.

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