Nigerian Traditional Log Slit Drum

Standard Size 15-18"long x  6-7"dia

We sell mostly Gambian & Senegalese Djembe's, but also sell some Ghanian and Nigerian  drums as well.
These Nigerian  drums are carved from a lighter wood that carves, stains, and  polishes beautifully.   
These slit drums are carved from one piece,  two holes for sound resonance, with a slit carved
between the two holes.    The beater has a home made rubber mallet end and creates two basic tones
depending on which side of the drum is hit.   Varieties of sounds come from hitting the drum in various spots on the two sides.   The sound is not drum like but more like a musical note (say "bong").   Two or three are occasionally
played together making a sound like a xylophone.    Red is the only traditional color.


Wonderful sound, accompany any group!

This Nigerian Traditional Log Drum is a beautiful piece carved and
tuned by the best students of the master carvers.    

Retail has been seen as high as $200  for similar drums,  with street price running around $110-130.  
Reserve on this drum is $56.

Beautiful natural drum, wonderful wood, tuned just right.   A great drum you will enjoy for a long time. 

Shipping and insurance is $16.20 anywhere in the US.  Money order or credit card or online   payment only thank you.    If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.      Canada, Alaska, Hawaii  add $5.00  
                                                                                                       Enjoy !....


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