Beautiful Tamlin Square  Drum
From Ghana
Includes beater & 4 tuning wedges

One of most unique drums we have ever put up for Auction.      

 It is a drum held in one hand typically, or by an assistant, or several placed side by side on a rack or table.      If held with one hand, the thumb or forefinger can put pressure on the inner frame and make slight adjustments in the tone.   

It is a very resonant and deep sounding drum tone that will be right at home in your group.   It is a asset to any musical group.   The head is goat skin and it is a "all natural" drum.

You wont easily find these in many stores, so grab one now while we have them.   It has been a long time since we had any, and our supply is limited.    We are proud to have them now!     Comes with a hand carved beater.     

The smaller one Retail typically $ 129.00 to $149.95 when found.   This drum is somewhat rare.    The smaller one is what we are selling  now in this auction.    12.5" x 17"


Shipping is  $14.60 anywhere in the Continental US including insurance.  Payment by credit card via or similar online  bank payment is preferred.   Money orders accepted if sent within 3 days..    All sales final.   If you are buying this as a gift, you will be sorely tempted to keep it for yourself.     
                                                                                   Enjoy !....