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At this time we maintain two mail lists here at Ruarto's.       We do not sell, rent or give away any email addresses from either list.   

DRUMCATS ( is a open discussion mail list, not moderated.   Anything you send to drumcats goes out to all members.  You may discuss anything of interest to the hand drumming community on this list.    Please, no profanity and no ads, ok?   Abuse would result in a moderated list, something we hope to avoid.      

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Drumcats is Closed.   
Go see Djembe-L hosted atYahoo

 A great list, and the website has a great archive of information of relevance to all hand drummers in General !!

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Closed: everyone is removed.   Go see

This list may at any time be changed to a moderated list, in which case delays of a few hours or even a few days may be experienced.   Moderation would be only to restrict language and tone.   Please watch your language and your topics and help us keep the list UNMODERATED!!!     We dont want foul language or heated discussions here (flame wars) as the list has young as well as senior members  who share it with family.  Intense off topic discussions and profanity are deemed inappropriate.   Yes of course you may promote your drum circle on this list.   You should put the city in the subject.

Drumdeals, ( is our other list,  where we send you information about special offerings, unique drums, blowouts, etc.    We do not send these out often, we do not want to blast you with a bunch of spam.      You can expect a special offer perhaps once every 3 or 4 months.     When a fresh boatload of goodies arrive, this is how we will tell you and give you first shot at the new items.  We are the only ones that can send email to this list.    Any purchase or inquiry to us normally puts you on this list.    You can see some previous listings at OLD-MAILINGS.
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