Drumdeals mailings, a visual archive.     


From time to time Ruarto sends out email notices of special offers or finds, mostly of drums and musical instruments.  Customers are automatically entered to the mail list, and people may join or leave this list elsewhere on this website on the listjoin page.

You may see the past mailings by clicking on the following.    They probably represent items no longer available, but show unique drums and instruments, so as such are a unique learning tool.

   Logmailer1, our second ever mailer, 8/10/01,  shows an old unique log drum.
   Mailer2 our second mailer,  Dec. 2001, Xmas planning time!
   Xmas01  Christmas last minute shopping.
   Skins1202,   wow has it been a year!?  We told you we wouldnt spam you!
this was a special promotion for drum heads and skins.

CURRENT OFFER:   SKINS0803!  Gas prices have driven up costs and freight, but not that bad really.    We are glad to have held prices this close to what they were 3 and 4 years ago!