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Back to School time!

Natural Goat Hide Drumheads
 Goatskin Rounds

Ready to ship -   18" Diameter
With hair or with Hair removed, ready for you to work with!  

We have several offers here for you to choose from, all  INCLUDING
freight charges to anywhere in the Continental US.   No extra charges!
Pick one from below.    Payment will be thru Paypal on your check or credit card.

 1a.  Pair of standard 18" Goat Skin Rounds, with hair.  $ 34.95  including shipping right to your door!
       A pair of old Reliable, standard skins !  

 1b.  Pair of 18" Goat Skin Rounds, hair removed.  $39.95 including shipping right to your door!
       Hair already removed saves you time+mess !!

 2a.  Set of 4 ea Goat Skin Rounds, with Hair.  $59.95 including shipping right to your door!
       Share a couple at drum circle!
 2b. Set of 4 ea Goat Skin Rounds, with Hair Removed.  $ 69.95 including shipping right to your door!
       Faster rehead time with the hair already removed!  More professional looking some say.
 3a. Drum carvers bundle of 8!  With hair.
 Yes, a set of 8 ea Goat Skin Rounds, with hair, $114.95 including freight to your door.

      If you are doing 2 drums a week this is a month supply.
 3b.  Drum carvers bundle of 8 with Hair removed, $134.95 including freight to your door.
      This is what we used to call the masterpak.

 4.  Gambian full sized skin with hair.  $39.94 shipped to your door.   These are bigger and harder to ship.
       Full skins may or may not have leg lengths attached, and are varying in size, typically are large enough to
make one large Djembe and one medium and have some left over.  

If you are ordering item 2 or 3 and are a repeat customer, tell us so and we will add one round, of our choice.

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For special needs or quotes on larger quantities please use the contact page and send us an inquiry!


This offer is limited to availablility and can be retracted without notice, in which case any orders received
by Ruarto's after such cancellation that cannot be shipped will be promptly refunded totally.

Thank you for your consideration.
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