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2001 Christmas specials
We can still ship these to arrive before Christmas!

Greetings and blessed holidays.  Please Excuse this  interuption.   We hope this is of interest to you, it is not a spam message, you can remove yourself from future mailings if you wish (see bottom of page).(NICE PICTURES, SO  SLOW LOAD, BE PATIENT)

What Christmas is not complete without a
little drum playing around the tree?

If you are still looking for quality unique gifts for special people in your life, let us toss you some near last minute ideas.   

Mini Djembe, or travelers djembe.
Kids love it, but it is at home in many other groups.
Dads and sound engineers, more punch for the$
7-9" Tall, 4.5-6"dia head.  Large Djembe shown for comparison only

Freight $6.40
Total   23.35

Unique Log Slit Drum
Wonderful unique addition to any circle!
We are about out, perhaps only 8 or 9 left!  
20-22" long with beater

Freight $8.70
Total$ 58.65

 Ghana Tamlin Square "Double Frame" Drums 
includes beater and 4 tuning wedges  

$ 54.95  12x27"
$ 8.60 Freight

We always toss in some extra goodies with every order.    
Our customers love us!   We work hard for them and try to always find and deliver good value, not the cheapest, certainly not the most expensive, but good solid products you dont find many places and at reasonable prices.
Go read our reviews on eBay(tm)  or on our website(    We work hard for our customers loyalty.   We would be proud to have you as a customer!   Mayby next year folks will see your name on our reviews!

Medium Sakara
12-13" Diameter, with beater

$8.20 Freight

And, now the best of our Christmas Sale
Special Purchase 

Great Large Djembe's at below wholesale prices!
23"tall x 14" head)
We got a great deal on a large shipment, and are passing these 
tremendous savings along to you while they last.   
We have perhaps 25 only on this special offer.
Most are Ivory Coast, a few are from Mali and Senegal  
Limit 2 to a customer, sorry.  
We have another large shipment coming or we would just hold these.   We need to make room so out they go at a great price.    Dont miss this special offer from Ruarto's Christmas blowout!
Pictures show typical base, each varies slightly due to whims of the carver and the Mahogany.
Base design varies slightly from drum to drum, typical drums from this lot shown here
No chice of base or style at this price.


Many with hair over
 the bearing edge...  softens the blows.  



Or a fine Mali Djembe, wow !

Fine polished professional grade.
+$ 18.70 Frt


And, how about a beautiful bag for your Djembe.?
Fits large Djembes up to 26" tall and 15" head

Assorted colors, our choice only at this price.  We are closing this line out ...
 $ 5.40Freight

Thank you for your support this year and we hope this set  of
 Seasonal Sale Specials
are enjoyed by you and your friends and familes for years.

  check out time.

Note:  Freight charges are calculated on each item as if it were the only item in your order.    If you order multiple items we will refund a portion of the freight based on the total of all freight.  This will be done within hours of shipment.   

What we are presenting here today is an abbreviated list of items we carry focusing on items we have in stock and can ship to you or your loved one in time for Christmas.    These items are on special sale, and these special sale prices are not shown on our catalog, only to members of the drumdeals group that gets this occasional periodical get these special prices.   
Delivery and acceptance of order is limited to inventory on hand, first come first served.    Orders that we cannot fill will be refunded by paypal within 24 hrs.   Buy with confidence. 

We ship FedEx Ground, and they require phone numbers now, please enter into the message field paypal will provide at time of checkout.

The freight charges shown are to anywhere in the Continental US...  Customers from Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico can expect a $ 2-4 surcharge added onto freight prior to shipment, ask!   Europe and other destinations we cannot guarantee freight prices or delivery without your asking first.

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